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UltraStick Colour Waterproof Nametapes

Colour: Crimson

UltraStick Colour Nametapes personalised with name

UltraStick is a premium brand of Waterproof Labels. UltraStick labels are made using strong vinyl and personalised with a permanent resin print. The adhesive is specially formulated to bond to almost all smooth, clean and dry surfaces and the labels have been tested to survive continuous washes in the dishwasher, sink or washing machine.

UltraStick labels are suitable to be used in a tumble dryer and are microwave safe. They are available in packs of 20, 40 or 80 labels.

The labels come in a range of bright colours, with coloured framing around the name. Choose from crimson, fuchsia, orange, royal blue, sky blue and purple text on a white background.

UltraStick Clothing and Property Labels are very easy to apply:

  • Ensure that the area on which you are sticking the label is completely dry.
  • Carefully remove the label from the backing paper: avoid touching the adhesive.
  • Using pressure to remove any air bubbles, smooth the label down for a few seconds making sure that the adhesive fully bonds with the object.
  • Do not put the object in water for 24 hours – this allows time for the adhesive to strengthen.

Shoes and trainers: we recommend that the label is stuck to the wall of the shoe or under the tongue as it will endure far less wear. Also see our listing for UltraStick shoe labels

Clothing: we recommend that you stick the UltraStick label onto the smooth satin/polyester printed wash/size label (usually care labels) found inside garments. Do not iron the ultra stick label.

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