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Stamp n' Stick Clothing Stamp

by Trodat
Stamp n' Stick Clothing Stamp
  • Ideal for marking clothing and belongings with the option to create your personalised stamp over 3 lines and allowing 14 characters per line, the versatile DIY stamper provides the quick and easy solution to identifying uniforms, lunchboxes, books and so much more
  • The Stamp 'N Stick includes 1 green stamp machine featuring black textile ink cartridge, 1 letter and number set with fun icons, 30 durable stickers, 1m iron fleece, 1 set of tweezers providing a full kit of customised options
  • Dermatologically tested ink, waterproof up to 95°C when stamped directly on to textiles, up to 60°C when stamped on to fleece and dishwasher safe up to 75°C when stamped on stickers and applied to a range of plastics
  • Stamp directly on to fabrics, paper and cardboard, mark the hardcover labels; stick them on to tougher materials including shoes, tupper ware, toys, pencils etc. or stamp the iron fleece for better eligibility when marking darker textiles
  • Versatile, customised stamp, ideal for parents labelling your kids school uniform and belongings helping to avoid mix-ups while giving a little responsibility to your child to take care of their property

Stamp n' Stick TSC-001  £17.99
Blank Label Pack 25 x Peel&Stick + 25 Quick Press Iron-on TSC-050  £4.99