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QuickPress™ Mini Iron-on Nametapes

QuickPress™ Mini Iron-on Nametapes
  • Most nametapes on the market require you to press for 12 to 15 seconds, let it cool and repeat this three times, taking over a minute. Our new Quick Press™ Nametapes require just one pressing of 6 to 10 seconds
  • These iron-on labels are pre-cut with rounded corners, personalised with a name, and available in packs of 50, 100, 150 or 200 labels.
  • QuickPress™ Mini Nametapes are high quality and will note fade or fray. There is a choice of print colours - black, red, blue,
    pink, green. The ink is permanent and will not fade or run. This product comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Label size 30mm wide x 12.5mm high. Corners are rounded to prevent the sharp corners aggravating the child. Full instructions are printed on the reverse of the labels.