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Edding Nametape Laundry Kit

by Edding
Edding Name Tape Laundry Kit - Kit includes Edding 141F Permanent Fabric Marker Pen and Blank Iron-on Nametape - Perfect for School Uniforms, Care Homes etc. 
  • This kit brings together a high quality Edding Laundry Marker and Iron-on name labels
  • High Quallity Edding 141F Fine Line Marker
  • Identify your clothes permanently the ink will not come out in the wash.
  • The Name tapes are high quality and will not fray
  • Label size 45mm wide x 12.5mm high. Corners are rounded to prevent the sharp corners aggravating the child. 
  • Full instructions are printed on the reverse of the labels.
  • Edding Laundry Marker Kit includes 1 Permanent Fine Marker and blank Iron-on Name Tapes - Select the quantity of either 25, 50 or 100 blank nametapes