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Sew-in Garment Labels Customised with Washing Symbols/Instructions


Personalised Garment Labels

Professionally printed to an extremely high quality on either black or white soft satin garment label fabric

Print colour - 
White Labels printed in     Black, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Sky
Black Labels printed in     Gold or Silver

Size - 
Approx. 8cm x 4cm (the 8cm length can be adjusted to suit your requirements)

Please email me your design for us to test prior to you paying
We can set up almost any text, If you require your own logo this needs to be single colour high quality Jpeg

We can print on the label:-

  • Your logo (only if single colour Jpeg provided)
  • Washing symbols and instructions
  • Garment Size
  • Stock Control Codes
  • Barcodes QR Codes
  • Website and contact details

Washing Symbols PDF
Set-up Form


At Nametape Express our garment label ribbon materials are:

  • High quality. we believe in only providing the best. That’s why our garment label materials are made to the highest quality.
  • Durable.  Our garment labels are designed to be long-lasting and survive the toughest of conditions.
  • Comfortable. Soft and comfortable, our garment labels won’t irritate the wearing of the garments.


Details Required

1 - Print Colour
Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Sky Blue or Green

2 - Image / Your Logo
Please submit a high-res Jpeg in ONE colour  If unsure please send a few versions.
Or if you don't have a logo tell us the text you require.

3  - Text onFront of label
Any text required above/below image
i.e. website, or maybe you want to put where the product is made. i.e. Knitted in England

4 -  Garment Sizes printed on label
We can print the garment size on the label i.e. Age 11/12 or S, M, L, XL etc. 

5 -  Fabric Content
i.e. 65% Polyester 35% Cotton or if not sure you could use Mixed Fibers

6 -  Washing Symbols
We can print washing symbols, we have a PDF document showing all the washing symbols
Or tell us the about the garment and we can advise.

7 -  Country of Origin
i.e. Made in Scotland

8 -  Safety Warning
i.e. Not suitable for children under 3